1 & 2) Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea

Probably the most popular theme parks in Japan are Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Tokyo Disneyland is oriented more towards children but Disney Sea is targeted at the adults and has a nautical theme with the rides being faster and scarier.

The main areas at Disney Sea are a Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, and American Waterfront. There are also hotels to stay in and alcohol is served inside the park. For those with young children in tow, there are several attractions for them and a babysitting service. Click this site: http://www.bestontracklesstrain.com/ to know Beston company.

3) Laqua

If you want to get wet,, a great way to kill some time is Laqua, which is located centrally in Suidobashi. They have a spa, an amusement park and a restaurant and shopping area. The spa is a five floor complex with a variety of spas, sauna, bubble massages and a dining and relaxation area. Check out this page to buy different park train rides cheap.

4) Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land is a massive sprawling amusement park in the west outskirts of Tokyo.

5) Hanayashiki

Hanayashiki, Japan's oldest amusement park is in the back of Asakusa near the ROX.

6) FujiQ Highland

A great theme park for thrill seekers is FujiQ Highland, which has Mount Fuji in the background. But, the lines can be up to 90 minutes and if you are going there just for the rides and not the scenery you might be better off visiting one of the local amusement parks like Toshimaen or Yomiuri Land.


7) Universal Studios

Universal Studios, located in Osaka is almost an exact copy of the Florida Universal Studios.

8) Toshimaen

Toshimaen is a very popular amusement park located in Nerima-ward. In summer there is a huge pool complex with water slides which is extremely popular with families and young adults.

9) Sanrio Puroland

If you have little kids, then Sanrio Puroland (the home of Hello Kitty) is a good option. Some nice rides there include Sanrio Character Boat Ride and a few more tamer rides the kids will love.

10) Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama Cosmoworld is a really nice little amusement park by the sea in the port town of Yokohama.

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It's a fact: 93 million Americans are overweight. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one in three Americans is overweight. Another one-third is obese, meaning they are at least 20 percent heavier than their ideal body weight. Approximately one in 20 people is morbidly obese, or 50 to 100 percent above his/her ideal body weight.

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of acquiring serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, and much more. Carrying extra weight puts increased stress on the body, especially the bones/joints of the legs, making it difficult to walk. In addition, breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma can result from being overweight or obese.

In recent years, bariatric equipment has been further developed to accommodate the growing number of individuals who are overweight or obese, whether for medical and emergency services, everyday life mobility, or to enjoy travel. Check out this link: http://bestonrides.pk/kiddie-electric-trackless-trains-in-pakistan/ to know Beston amusement trains prices.

What are hospitals, fire departments and other emergency services doing to accommodate individuals who are overweight or obese? They're investing in bigger, stronger, bariatric equipment. Across the country, more and more hospitals are offering bigger wheelchairs, electronic lifts, stretchers, walkers, and patient privacy curtains; sturdier beds, floor-mounted toilets, larger bathrooms, and double wide chairs. They're increasing the weight limit on CT scanners. Ambulances are being retrofitted with sturdier floorboards, automated stretchers that hold more weight, wider beds, ramps, removable hoists and more. More about Beston company.

Regardless of their weight, or health problems they may have stemming from their weight, individuals who are overweight or obese need and want to travel, and require special equipment to do so. Maneuvering around a large cruise ship, theme park, convention center, or even the grocery store can be a great challenge for individuals who are overweight or obese. Plus, it's very likely that they require special needs equipment for travel for other health issues, such as asthma, sleep apnea, etc.

To accommodate individuals who are overweight or obese and allow them to travel without barriers, Special Needs Group offers a wide range of high-quality, reliable bariatric and special needs equipment. This includes:

• Wheelchair rentals accommodating individuals weighing up to 750 pounds
• Scooter rentals for those weighing up to 500 pounds
• Extra wide rollator rentals (walkers with a seat)
• Oxygen and oxygen equipment rentals

Everyone, regardless of their weight, should and does have the right to travel. Special Needs Group is making great strides in helping thousands of individuals with special needs, including those who are overweight or obese, realize their travel dreams. By offering bariatric equipment rentals, the company is allowing these individuals to comfortably enjoy exploring the world, without travel barriers.

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Six Flags Over Georgia is located near Austell to the west of Atlanta and covers a 233-acre or 1.15 km2 area. Opening on 16 June 1967 it was the second theme park in the chain to open after Six Flags Over Texas.

Six Flags Over Georgia, Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis are the only three parks in the chain to have used the "Six Flags" name since their original openings. The reason for this is that they were all founded under the leadership of Angus G. Wynne.

In common with the Six Flags Over Texas, Georgia was inspired by six different flags that have flown over the state in which the park in built. The six flags in question are those of the UK, France, Spain, the Confederate States of America, the USA and the state of Georgia. Also in common with the original, the park was divided into themed areas, each one sharing props and decoration inspired by one of the six countries. Despite this, over the years much of the original theming has replaced by more popular cartoon and superhero themes. Click this link: http://www.bestonrides.pk/.

Rides and attractions

The current park features over forty rides and attractions and as is common with many amusement parks, Six Flags Over Georgia places a lot of emphasis on its roller coasters. The park features an impressive ten roller coasters including the Dahlonega Mine Train, the Great American Scream Machine, Mine Bender, the Georgia Cyclone (based on the famous Coney Island Cyclone), Ninja, Batman: The Ride, Georgia Scorcher, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster and Goliath, one of the first hypercoasters in the US. Click here: http://bestonrides.pk/kiddie-electric-trackless-trains-in-pakistan/.

In addition to the impressive the roller coaster collection, other notable trackless train rides are Acrophobia (opened in 2001), which was the first floorless freefall tower ride in the world and the Riverview Carousel which is on the National Register of Historic Places as one of only three five-abreast carousels known to exist.

The parks strikes a good balance between historical ride content and new thrill rides which are required to draw new visitors into the attraction.

Six Flags Over Georgia tickets

Six Flags tickets (including season tickets) are available at the gate or online in advance of your visit. Free Six Flags tickets are made available for children under two, with adult one-day tickets costing around $50. Season passes are also available, many of which can get you access to other Six Flags parks, with some even allowing your friends free tickets on certain off-season days.

The park is open from March through to October. Look out for special theme events at Six Flags Over Georgia such as night time concerts or Halloween season specials that often take place.

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